Costume Loan Agreement

The use of this type of contract has many advantages for each party involved. The borrower gets his large loan, the first bank has the option to grant the loan (they sometimes have to turn it down because the loan is too large and loses the customer), and other lenders can participate in the loan and take advantage of it. The student group`s loan agreement outlines the rules and expectations regarding the use of props and costume cages. Each group that extracts objects from props or costume cages must have at least one representative of the group sign, preferably the producer, the president, the prop master or the costume designer, the agreement for each event for which they borrow items. The group advisor is notified. Although only one representative of the student group is required to sign the agreement on behalf of the Group, each member who extracts The Elements and the Group as a whole are expected to know and respect the information below. The group as a whole is held accountable and held accountable if rules, expectations or guidelines are not followed. This is not limited to the group account being charged or the group no longer allowed to use the resources in the future. However, if a person in a group encounters repeated problems that meet the rules, policies and expectations, the Black Box Theatre has the right to prevent the person or persons from using the resources in the future and to make each student liable for fees or fees. A representative of the group is expected to sign this agreement before or during the first date to gain access to the cages. The TAPS costume collection is only availab llPR. Loan privileges may change and may be terminated at any time due to a violation of the loan directive. A loan agreement is a legal contract between a borrower and a lender in which a borrower receives a loan from a loan and is legally required to repay it.

The purpose of the contract is to formalize all the provisions relating to the receipt of the loan and repayment and to specify all the conditions on which the parties have agreed.