Oracle License Agreement Download

U.S. GOVERNMENT END USERS: Oracle programs (including operating system, integrated software, all programs embedded, installed or activated on the hardware provided and modifications made to these programs) and Oracle computer documentation or any other Oracle data that are transmitted or accessed to by U.S. government end-users are “commercial computer software” or “commercial documentation of computer software” in accordance with the Federal Regulation. Therefore, the use, reproduction, dissemination, displaying, disclosing, disclosing, modifying, preparing derived works and/or adapting Oracle programs (including operating systems, integrated software, integrated, installed or activated programs on the material provided, and changes made to those programs), (ii) Oracle`s computer documentation and/or (iii) Oracle`s other data are subject to the rights and restrictions specified in the license provided. The terms of use of Oracle Cloud services by the U.S. government are defined by the current contract for these services. The U.S. government is not granted any other rights. For the purposes of the next paragraph, the “programs” contain modified programs. You cannot use: – use the programs for purposes other than those shown above; – change the programs that are not listed above; – remove or modify program markings or messages related to our property rights; – unless there is an express provision for modified programmes to make the programmes available to third parties in one way or another; – to cede this agreement or, barring expressly provided provisions for modified programs, to transfer the programs or any interest to them to another natural or legal person, – reverse engineering (if not required by law for interoperability), dismantling or de-counting of programs ( or – revealing the results of program reference tests without our prior consent.

Definitions “Oracle” refers to Oracle America, Inc. “you” and “your” refers to (a) a company or organization (entity) that accesses programs when the programs are used on behalf of that entity; or (b) anyone who accesses the programs when the programs are not used on behalf of an entity. “contractor” refers to your representatives and contractors (including, but not limited to outsourcing). “Programs” refers to Oracle software provided by Oracle under this Agreement, as well as all updates, error corrections and/or program documentation provided by Oracle. “Program documentation” refers to program usage manuals and program installation manuals, if any. If necessary, program documentation can be provided with the programs and/or accessed from “Separate Terms” refers to the separate licensing terms in the program documentation, reads or notification files that apply to separate licensed third-party technologies. “Separately licensed third-party technology” refers to third-party technologies that are licensed under separate conditions and not under the terms of this contract. This agreement is governed by California`s material and procedural laws. You and Oracle agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the courts of San Francisco or Santa Clara counties, California, in all litigation arising from or related to this Agreement. We are prepared to grant you programs only on the condition that you agree to all the terms of this agreement.