Zibby Lease Agreement

Hello Antionette, thanks for your contact with Catapult. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. If a customer disables the “automatic payment” function, the customer must make payments online through the customer portal or by contacting our customer manager. If the customer is unable to make the payment by the due date, we recommend that the customer contact the customer and agree on a secure payment agreement. In the absence of a secure payment agreement, attempts are made to recover the lease. The operation of our automatic payment function can be done in the customer`s agreed contract. Antionette, we sincerely apologize if our policy has caused any inconvenience to you. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at (833) -KATAPULT (528-2785) or online via our chat service at www.katapult.com. For more information on the terms of your catapult-leasing contract, you can contact Catapult at 833- KATAPULT (528-2785) or via LiveChat, now 24 hours a day. With Katapult Lease to own, you have the option to continue paying for your items and pay them at any time before the full term with a reduced amount. We are the leaders in credit is not necessary, leasing to clean space. Do you have bad credit? Don`t have a credit history? No problem.

We offer a simple and direct leaseback supplement for your own payment option to help you purchase the products you need from our resellers and resellers. These include electronics, equipment, furniture, automobiles, musical instruments and much more. Hello, Danielle, thanks for contacting me with Katapult. Thanks to Danielle for expressing your feedback with us. Our customer service is available to you for any questions regarding your rental agreement or your danielle contract. We offer the 90-day option so that our members have the option to close the lease at a discounted price. At the end of the 90-day contract, the lease begins at the execution of the agreed contract. The customer is then required to purchase the full amount of the lease. The information provided is available in the customer`s contract in section 5 page 2. We sincerely apologize if our policy may have caused inconvenience to your Danielle.

We understand the frustration and hope that there will be a change in attitude in the use of our services in the future. If you have any further questions or questions, please contact us at (833) -KATAPULT (528-2785) or contact us online via our chat service at www.katapult.com. They can also turn to catapult to make arrangements if they are unable to maintain the agreement. All of this is done without the necessary credit. Whatever your client is looking for, we have an option for him. Hello customer, thanks for your contact with Catapult. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.