Madrid Agreement Guide

For more information on the Madrid system in general, see WIPO`s website at, this handy guide is for users who wish to submit an AIR VERSION using CIPO as their original office. This manual contains screen images with highlighted areas, which are described or explained. Whether the tax was paid for the AIR . . . The image shows the look of the screen after a user clicks on the “X” icon that removes the class and all the terms mentioned in that class. The image shows that a user can react to an irregularity in pre-certification by clicking either on the basic application or the registration number highlighted, or on the “Gear” icon. The image shows that sections where an irregularity occurred prior to certification are marked with a voice bubble symbol in the application section (s) of the left menu. .

The following document will be opened on a new navigation registration card. The image shows the “x” icon in the blue bar at the top of the limit that removes a restriction. The image shows the window that appears after clicking on the “Gear” icon. In addition, the image shows the highlighted information that is displayed in the window, z.B.: “Language”; “My reference”; Mark the text”; and the “Show The Requirement” button. After the connection, the user must select the option “Create an application for international registration” in the menu on the left. When the AIR was called and/or updated after the MM18 section was completed, it will appear on this page under the title “Intention to Use the Brand.” To view the PDF file, the user must click on the name of the file to open it with a pdf-viewer. . When accessing the “Goods and Services” section, a pop-up field containing information about the processing of goods or services appears. The user must click the “OK” button to continue. In the blue bar are several features that give the user the ability to make certain changes to products or services. They can be completely deleted, modified or abandoned as they appear in the basic application or record. The image shows the “Previous Deposit Date” field highlighted.

. The image shows the status highlighted “Fixed pending,” which appears in the “My Requests” list when an irregularity was issued prior to certification for an international registration application. The image shows the “New Demand” button at the top left of the number column. The image shows that a user is brought to the first part of his application for international registration if he has opted for the application or the basic registration number. . The image shows the highlighted text field, in which the user can answer if the reviewer has asked a question or asked a question. The image shows the highlighted “Your Reference” field, which appears under the subtitle “General.” Correspondence with WIPO can be done in English, French or Spanish and can be selected from the drop-down menu.