New Zealand Trade Agreement Uk

Any agreement approved by the UK government will be fair and balanced and will be in the best interests of the whole of the UNITED Kingdom. We continue to commit to meeting our high environmental, labour, food safety and animal welfare standards in our trade agreement with New Zealand and to protecting the National Health Service (NHS). “DIT is focused on securing free trade agreements, which guarantee benefits for every region and nation in the UK, and talks are ongoing.” Asked what New Zealand has to offer the UNITED Kingdom as a trading partner, he said, “We are primarily offering a country that is capable of entering into trade agreements.” Encouraging progress has been made in many areas of common interest. In the area of small and medium-sized enterprises, both sides reaffirmed their ambition to agree on a chapter that will allow these companies to fully benefit from the free trade agreement. Productive discussions were also held on trade and the environment and on promoting clean growth, in which the two countries work closely together to support sustainable outcomes throughout the agreement. Stay in touch to give your opinion on the NZ-UK free trade agreement. The government is committed to negotiating a comprehensive agreement with New Zealand and we look forward to further progress. The government will make its next statement on the progress made at the end of the second round of negotiations, which is scheduled for October. We will look at the possibility of personal negotiations, if that is for sure. The discussions between the negotiators have been productive and reflect our common goal of reaching a comprehensive agreement to promote trade and investment between our like-minded economies. The teams discussed their respective objectives and agreed on a preliminary plan for future discussions.

Our positive discussions in the first round laid the groundwork for the United Kingdom and New Zealand to achieve high-quality results throughout the agreement. “We think we`re in great shape and ready to go – we only need the British to realize that we can do more than just a trade deal at the same time.” However, in addition to discussions on a trade agreement with the EU, it has begun trade negotiations with a number of countries outside the bloc. However, the EU does not yet have a free trade agreement with New Zealand, although talks between the two sides began in June 2018. Negotiations for a free trade agreement between the EU and New Zealand will continue without the UK after leaving the EU. New Zealand began these negotiations in June 2018 and negotiators met in New Zealand for a second round in October 2019.