Sample Pentest Agreement

To cover me, I wanted him to sign a document authorizing the Pentests, etc. It owns the server, it is not hosted elsewhere. Is there another base I should cover? My uncle owns a (small) business and doesn`t think his computer scientist is doing a good job of backing up their data. He wants me to do a short slope to see what I can find, if possible. The customer has provided the supplier with some necessary information about the scope and scope of the tests, and the customer hereafter verifies that all information provided is accurate and accurate and that the customer owns or is authorized to represent the owners of the computers and systems described. The client also guarantees and assures that he has the right to enter into binding legal agreements. The supplier and the customer have passed on certain confidential information relating to each other, including specific documents, and may provide it from time to time. Each party accepts that it uses this confidential information for the sole purpose of the service and that it cannot disclose this information to third parties, expressly or indirectly, directly or indirectly. If disclosure to third parties by one party is essential with the agreement of the other party, that party will obtain, before that disclosure, duly binding agreements on the part of such a third party in order to preserve the information to be disclosed to the same extent as the parties.

The following text is only a standard contract and does not require Password Crackers, Inc. to provide services under certain conditions. This contract is exclusively for marketing purposes. Only valid signed contracts are considered binding. Neither side is responsible for the downpour because of God`s actions, war, strike, lockout, labour dispute, fires, floods, drought, storm or other cases beyond the proper control of one of the parties. While the provider provides IT consulting and security and testing services, including penetration testing services, and the provider expects the proposed services to be completed within 7 days of kick-off. Kick-off is defined as the first day the provider received full payment for all services as well as the original signed contracts. In the event that the services provided are continuous, the schedule applies only to the first appearance of other events to be scheduled individually and/or periodically. This contract is between Password Crackers, Inc. (hereafter referred to as a supplier) and the buyer of Penetration Testing Services (hereafter referred to as customer) for the provision of penetration services by the supplier to the customer.

The customer retains the provider for the provision of penetration testing services on the customer`s computers and/or systems. The supplier may cede or subcontract, in whole or in part, the rights and obligations arising from this contract to third parties, without the customers 24 200 giving their written consent. The supplier uses a team approach, in which experts are used to test different aspects of security. However, all subcontractors employed by the supplier are subject to the terms of this contract. While the customer wishes to retain the provider to provide computer security and system services, particularly testing penetration services, this contract is subject to the laws of the State of Maryland, In the United States. All disputes arising from this treaty are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Maryland, United States. The purpose of the penetration testing service is to identify and report security vulnerabilities so that the customer can resolve problems in a planned manner, which greatly increases the level of security protection. The customer understands that Internet security is an ever-increasing and changing field and that the tests conducted by Password Crackers, Inc. do not mean that the customer site is immune to any form of attack.