Veolia Enterprise Agreement

The platform handles an average of 15.5 million transactions per year and is used by veolia`s national IT teams to support local operations, including agile IT development, self-service portals, IT support and operational management. Since ServiceNow was made available, Veolia has improved service response times by 47% with real-time queue dashboards. Veolia creates a centre of excellence to promote best practices across the company Veolia has formalized a comprehensive approach to service by creating a Centre of Excellence (CoE) to monitor best IT practices. The CoE has implemented service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) around the world to adopt a consistent and consistent enterprise-wide approach. “Our partnership with JCI is an excellent example of the value Veolia can bring to an organization at the corporate level that is looking for a supplier to effectively manage all of its waste streams while improving compliance and sustainability performance.” – Kevin Zenkevich, Senior Business Development Manager Veolia`s Environmental Services “Through ServiceNow , we have made IT a professional service – a responsible and measured part of the activity,” explains Rob. “We now have a documented IT strategy, with clear and repeatable processes and a focus on simplification, integration and automation.” Prabjoth`s team now has a global vision of the company, allowing it to plan effectively and make more informed decisions. They received three times faster service evaluations, resulting in a 50% increase in employee satisfaction. Veolia provides serviceNow Performance Analytics for a single view of the global performance of global ITSM Product Manager Prabjoth Saimbhi said that 45 countries provided the same performance to the central company, but that there was not a single comprehensive approach to operational analysis. Instead, each country team worked and interpreted the data differently, which led to inaccurate measurements and reports. He said: “The performance of calibration at the global level was impossible.” Learn how Latham and Watkins are continually finding new ways to improve services with ServiceNow. Veolia puts the sustainable development of communities and industries first Veolia offers water, waste and energy management solutions designed to preserve scarce raw materials and contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. The company`s business focuses on three main activities: developing access to resources, preserving available resources and replenishing resources.